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Our People

12 years ago we were a team of two & now we are more than 100 travel professionals’ team, all locals largely living and working in the part of India from where they come. So we have local knowledge of climate, road conditions, special festivals and events and unusual places in parts of the country that other operators may know little or nothing about.

People are our ASSET. At Cholan Tours we are proud of a leadership culture based on participation and high performance. There are always opportunities for people to grow, learn more and obtain more experience at Cholan Tours. They demonstrate a clear understanding of the purpose of the company’s existence and its goal. Hence they share the same values and dedication that matches the core values and standards of the company. The well-knit motivated team ensures that all guests are well looked after and enjoy quality services before they depart India.

People are being hand-picked during recruitment and are trained, molded accordingly to our unique requirements. So they are responsible for making sure each and every travel and holiday request made by our guests is attended to with efficiency.

Our company’s strength indeed lies in its team of professionals who make the guests’ trip unforgettable. Our drivers are indeed proficient in different routes/ capable of explaining the places that you see along your way. They are equipped with mobile phones to stay in regular touch with the person who designed your holiday.

  • We pay real attention to the little things that make a big difference to the tour.
  • Our drivers are efficient in transforming an itinerary into a real time experience by adding their personal touch of service. They are experienced, courteous and reliable. They will show you the most interesting things along the way, often the hidden highlights of the trip.
  • We remain accessible to you round the clock throughout the tour should the need arise.
  • Having a network of our own offices in many cities and towns throughout the country means that you have more points of contact with our Company and our Tour Managers who will assist you as required.

We are proud to say that we lead the way by setting world class standards of service delivery in the tourism industry.

Our Performance

We are one of the most admired companies as we are unique in operation and one of the fastest growing organizations in the travel services industry. We comprehend well our customers’ needs and deliver exactly what we commit. This has earned an excellent reputation for Cholan Tours.

The number of excellent trip reviews that we receive in online travel forums like India Mike and Trip Advisor is a testament for our commendable service.

We have set up a strong framework for valuing and evaluating performance and skills which enables Cholan Tours team to explore and develop their talents in a structured yet self-determined way. Recognition of people ranks among the most important instruments of leadership. So we ensure employee satisfaction at all levels.


Years ago, holiday trips to other countries were not that easy to organize as it sounds. Most of the people were doing research via the internet into travelling to India. Perhaps people were not sure whether everything promised in the website itineraries will be delivered when they arrive in India. They were hesitant about receiving top quality, reliable service when they reach India for their richly deserved holiday. Though trips were affordable and within their reach, credibility among the Tour Operators remained a question mark in their minds.

Pandian, the Founder Chairman of Cholan Tours strongly felt the need to reassure and redefine the travel experience in India to all travelers. He has been in this travel industry since 1983 & has gained vast knowledge about India. He wanted to create his own travel company that provides solution to all the inconveniences faced by travelers rather complaining of lack of credibility among the Tour Operators in the industry. With all his determination & positive spirit, he started a small travel solutions company in South India in the name of South Tourism with 2 staff members. He shared his vision and knowledge along with his personal experience to his people who are now the asset of the company and have taken the company to the next level in offering travel care.

Today infrastructure at Cholan Tours & its wide network of offices backed by the best travel professionals, gives holiday a new meaning.