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Exploring The Treasure of Ecuador Tour Package

12 Nights | 13 Days

Explore South America at a tailor made package and give your lovable ones an unforgettable holiday getaway at South America.

Highlights of the Tour:

  • A visit to the Ecuador’s cultural capital Quito, which is recognized by the UNESCO
  • An unforgettable trip to one of the wonders of nature, the Galapagos Islands
  • Watch the volcanic side of Ecuador
  • Explore the northern and central ranges of mighty Andes
Day 01: Quito

As you arrive at Quito, the capital of Ecuador you will be greeted and received by our local personnel. He/she will accompany you to your hotel where you are going to spend your night and relax.

Day 2: Colonial Quito

As your day tour starts today, you will be visiting the local attractions of the UNESCO declared world heritage site Quito. Tucked in between the mighty Andes mountain ranges this historical city is situated at an altitude of 2850m. First you will be taken to the San Augustin Church and Convent. It is the oldest stone built church and is more than four centuries old. The church is built using the stones acquired from the giant Pichincha Volcano. On the inner walls the life of St. Augustin is depicted using 25 figurative paintings of one of the most celebrated artists ever known Miguel de Santiago. Next up you will visit the historic “Sala Capitular”, the convent’s chapterhouse which is situated at its eastern corridor. It was here that the Founding Fathers of Ecuador signed the declaration of Independence from Spanish rule in the year 1809. Santo Domingo church is the next destination as per your itinerary. Now this piece of architecture was built under the supervision of a renowned architect Francisco Beccera and the work was finished by 17th century. There is a museum within the church premises which hold brilliant artistic paintings and sculptures of various prominent artists of the time. During afternoon, after your lunch you will be visiting the Museum of Archeology where you will have a chance to learn about the Pre Columbian origins. After today’s excursion, relax and stay overnight at your hotel.

Day 03: Northern Andes

Today you will be literally standing at the Equator, the “middle of Earth” and at foot of an extinct volcano Cayambe, the highest point on the Equator. Today morning you will travel to Cayambe, right on the Equator. Here, you can learn the importance of the “Middle of the World” through star gazing and its relationship to certain archeological sites. Next, you move to a tranquil and peaceful village Peguche situated near to the town Otavalo. The people here make their living out of agriculture and weaving and they are the very best at it. Part from that, they are very talented musicians too. They do no mind spending time to show you how they perfect the art of weaving and agriculture. After the tour go back to your hotel and have sound sleep.

Day 04: The Central Andes

After your tour at the Northern Andes, now you are moving to the Central Andes. The way is full of giant volcanos which earned this route the name “Volcano Alley”. It is so peaceful and filled with lush greenery offering us a mind full view of nature. Along the way you will come across two of the mighty volcanos of this route Mount Antisana and Mount Cotopaxi. After your lunch you will be driven back to Quito where you will have a private lecture on Galapagos, the next destination on your itinerary. Stay overnight at Quito.

Day 05: The Galapagos Islands

From the Quito airport you will board a flight to the Galapagos Island, the ever changing natural wonder.

Day 05 – day 12: The Enchanting Galapagos Islands

Situated 1000 kms from Ecuador where the three different ocean currents meet, this isolated chain of islands seems like a world inside another world. It is this nature’s cradle of evolution that inspired Sir Charles Darwin, probably the greatest geologist of modern science to write the book “The Origin of Species” which is the considered as the most explanatory theory of evolution. Since then scientists from all over world visit this site conducting researches in attempts to unlock and unravel the mysteries and secrets of the unimaginable nature of “nature”. The Galapagos Islands were among the first wonders to be listed as the UNESCO world heritage sites in the year 1978. Creatures like the Marine Iguanas, Flightless Cormorants and many other which cannot be find anywhere else on this planet call these volcanic islands home. Another fascinating thing to consider is that each island irrespective of its similar volcanic compositions has its own unique species. You will be staying here for the 7 days of your Ecuadorian Tour and it is guaranteed that this mystical artwork of nature will leave you home dumbfounded thinking of this phenomenon we are experiencing “Life on Planet Earth”.

Day 12: Galapagos Islands - Guayaquil

Today you bid farewell to the Galapagos Islands and fly to the port city of Ecuador, Guayaquil. When you reach you will be received and greeted by our representative and dropped at your hotel where you will relax and spend your night. Stay overnight at Guayaquil.

Day 13: Guayaquil

As the tour concludes you will be transferred to the Guayaquil airport as per your flight schedule from where you can take your safe flight back home.

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Places to Visit:

- Galapagos Islands
- San Augustin Church
- Sala Capitular

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